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RCC 2010
RecentChangesCamp was born from the intersection of wiki and Open Space. Since 2006, participants from all over North America and the globe have gathered together for a common purpose: discussing the past, present, and future of the technology and collaborative method that is wiki. RCC is a chance for everyone in the wiki community, something we like to call Wiki Ohana, to meet and have a fun, productive conversation about our passion for wikis of all stripes.

Going far beyond technology, we're interested in wiki culture and other networks/groups/etc. that share many of the values implicit in it — from cultural creatives, to public participation and free culture advocates. If you use a wiki or you value open collaboration, Recent Changes Camp is created for you. RCC is about openness and inclusion, collaboration and community, creativity and flow.

This unconference/BarCamp has been held at least once every year since 2006. Unlike a conventional conference, where everything's pre-planned and structured, Recent Changes Camp is a gathering where we decide for ourselves what we're going to get out of it by offering sessions each morning on whatever we want (and of course ad hoc sessions can form at any time). There's no agenda until we make it up! Now, that might sound a bit chaotic if you're never been to this type of gathering, but be prepared to be surprised at how much people can learn and create when they collaborate spontaneously.

Keywords: wiki, collaboration, open space, community, unconference, creativity, free/open source software, free culture, open data, barcamp, technology, Wikipedia
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February 1, 2012 Your local sysadmin has made some CAPTCHA changes to reduce spam.
20 January 2012 RecentChangesCamp started in Canberra
January 2012 Started planning discussions about a possible RCC in North America in 2012.
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