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The following are tasks that need to be worked on. Some of these items will be discussed during monthly phone calls and on the planning list.

Main Wiki (marketing, planning, etc) and all unconference subdomains

To Do

  • Allow anonymous edits to be made. (That way attendees don't have to register. Lower barrier to entry.)(Yes.) --~~
    • anon editing is an important feature for RCC wikis. Best, MarkDilley
      • But Wagn wasn't open for anon editing. And we got spam attacked repeatedly. Not to mention the trolling. Good arguments both ways. Need some way to make registering easier for both Boston and Canberra. --LauraHale 16:20, 18 October 2010 (PDT)
        • Wagn was open for anon editing. don't remember the spam attacks or the trolling. ~~ MarkDilley
          • Montreal got hit by that guy. It was pretty bad. And I know that Cary and Jon were regularly cleaning out some of the spam attacks. :/ --LauraHale 16:40, 18 October 2010 (PDT)
            • Don't recall that either.
              • Lucky you. :) Stamping out wiki fires is not so fun. --LauraHale 16:50, 18 October 2010 (PDT)
                • I have stamped out many many wiki fires, FurryWiki had that as their big community moment. ~~ MarkDilley
    • support: anonym. edits, --Erkan Yilmaz 12:21, 22 October 2010 (PDT)
  • Determine the structure for subdomains for camps current being planned and past ones.


  • Ability to upload images needs to be implemented.
  • Logo needs to added to the left hand corner.

Non-profit status

To Do

  • Update needed.


2011, Boston

To Do

  • Need to find out about extra funds from Montreal - down payment on Wentworth
  • Explore getting a global site notice on Wikipedia for the event.
  • Get insurance finalized - Won't know about this until 1/4 when our Wentworth contact returns from vacation.
  • Get contract signed
    • Figure out the name and address to put on the contract.
  • Figure out food/catering.
  • Begin contacting sponsors.
  • Decide if we want to do a kickstarter campaign.
  • Ask previous attendees for donations.
  • Organize a WikiVan from Montreal ? (so the moneyless wikipeople from there could come without paying too much)
  • Have a WikiHouse in Boston nearby the venue


2011, Canberra

To Do


  • Sent announcement to WMF-AU list and the WMF Foundation list.
  • Created Facebook invite page. Invited people.
  • Plugged on Twitter.
  • E-mailed Status.Net, wikiHow, Wikia and AboutUs regarding potential sponsorship.
  • Tweeted to JTNeil and Appropedia about RCC. Asked if they could attend/help promote.
  • WikiMatrix calendar

Germany: some time in the future

West coast USA, 2012

Planning for a RCC in Portland, San Francisco, or elsewhere on the U.S. west coast is taking place here:

Update Mediawiki software?

Since at least 2012 May we're running MW 1.19alpha (r110263) :-(
There's at least MW 1.19.21 by now (or better the 1.23.x series), --Erkan Yilmaz (talk) 04:02, 18 November 2014 (PST)

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